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The 22nd Summer course


We, BinN Studies Unit at The University of Tokyo, have been learning about behavior model, from basics to applications. During this summer (Sep. 2023), we are organizing a special seminar. This series of 3 days lectures and exercises will be an insight in Model Estimation. This annual event has been held since 2002 and this is the 22nd time. People from all around Japan, including from Univ. Kyoto, Univ. Nagoya, Univ. Hiroshima and etc., will be meeting together. They major in Civil Engineering, Urban Planning ,and Architecture. Vigorous front-line researchers will be instructing you in methods of parameter estimation and probabilistic decision making model. Contents of this upcoming camp are as follows. Looking forward to seeing you in September.


Tetsuro HYODO Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
Wataru NAKANISHI Kanazawa University
Itsumi SAITO Tohoku University
Junyi Zhang Southeast University
Prateek BansalNational University of Singapore
Daisuke FUKUDA The University of Tokyo
Eiji HATO The University of Tokyo
Giancarlos Troncoso ParadyThe University of Tokyo
Hideki YAGINUMA Tokyo University of Science
Junji URATA University of Tsukuba
Kuniaki SASAKI Waseda University
Makoto CHIKARAISHI Hiroshima University
Shinya KURAUCHI Ehime University
Takamasa IRYO Tohoku University・The University of Tokyo
Takuya MARUYAMA Kumamoto University
Toshiyuki YAMAMOTO Nagoya University
Yuki OYAMA Shibaura Institute of Technology
Yusuke HARA Tohoku University

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Date : 18-20th, September 2023
Place: UTokyo Hongo Campus (Faculty of Engineering Bldg. 1.) & Online

*Lectures with Japanese names on the schedule will be offered in Japanese
*There may be minor time changes

初日(9.18.Mon.) 日本語セッション/ Japanese session

8:50-9:00はじめに 羽藤英二 (東京大)

1.行動モデルの推定 佐々木邦明(早稲田大)
2.機械学習による発展的推定 浦田淳司(筑波大)
3.ネットワーク上の交通行動 井料隆雅(東北大)

1.交通流データの高解像度化と分類 中西航(金沢大)
2.LLMと言語モデルの発展、これから 齊藤いつみ(東北大)

  私と行動モデル 兵藤哲朗(東京海洋大)
17:00-19:00   研究室紹介/ Laboratory Introduction  

2日目(9.19.Tue.) 英語セッション/ English session

9:20-9:30Intoroduction Eiji Hato (Utokyo)
9:30-10:30   1. Size Matters:The Use and Misuse of Statistical Significance in Discrete Choice Models, Giancarlos Troncoso Parady (UTokyo)
  2. Machine learning and behavior modelling, Hideki Yaginuma(Tokyo University of Science)

10:45-11:45  1. Markov decision process in networks, Yuki Oyama(Shibaura Institute of Technology)
 2. Bayesian Truth Serum and Stated Preference Survey, Yusukue Hara(Tohoku University)
13:00-15:00  1. Review of Recent Behavior Modelling,Makoto Chikaraishi (Hiroshima University)
 2. Behavior Modelling in China, Junyi Zhang(Southeast University)


11:00-12:00BinN Awards Ceremony
13:00-14:00Keynote Lecture:
Machine Learning and Behavior Model, Prateek Bansal(National University of Singapore)
14:00-16:30プログラミング競技推定結果発表/Presentation of estimation results
16:30-17:30表彰式/ Awards Ceremony


Access to Hongo Campus

About 10 minutes walk from Hongo-Sanchome ST.(Marunouchi Line) or Todaimae ST.(Nanboku Line).


Please come to Faculty of Engineering Bldg. 1.

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