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The 15th Summer course


We, BinN Studies Unit at The University of Tokyo, have been learning about behavior model, from basics to applications. During this summer (Sept. 2016), we are organizing a special seminar. This series of 2-3 days lectures and exercises will be an insight in Model Estimation. This annual event has been held since 2002 and this is the 14th time. People from all around Japan, including from Univ. Kyoto, Univ. Nagoya, Univ. Hiroshima and etc., will be gathering in Tokyo. They major in Civil Engineering, Urban Planning ,and Architecture. Vigorous front-line researchers will be instructing you in methods of parameter estimation and probabilistic decision making model. Contents of this upcoming camp are as follows. Looking forward to seeing you in Japan this September.

1. Outstanding researchers will show you the case studies on demand estimations of location choice, route choice, and transportation mode choice used in the fields of: Civil planning, Urban planning, and Transportation planning.

2. You will learn the brand new methods of individual behavior survey like Probe Person, and think about how to apply it practically in real world such as: Redistribution of Road Usage, Tourism Planning, Renewal of City Central Area, and Marketing optimization.

3. You will have practices and presentations. Students will be divided into groups and do exercise in programming and modeling. After an extremely hard training, each group will make presentation showing how you have mastered BEHAVIOR MODEL.

4. Post-conference party will be held. Please feel free to join our party and enjoy conversations with other students and Teachers. It is interesting to share your ideas with those who have common interests. These conversations will enhance your intellectual curiosity.

Teachers List

Moshe BEN-AKIVA Massachusetts Institute of Technology [Keynote Speaker]
Arnab JanaIIT Mumbai
Toshiyuki YAMAMOTO Nagoya University
Kuniaki SASAKI Yamanashi University
Shinya KURAUCHI Ehime University
Takamasa IRYO Kobe University
Takuya MARUYAMA Kumamoto University
Makoto CHIKARAISHI Hiroshima University
Eiji HATO The University of Tokyo
Hideki YAGINUMA Tokyo University of Science
Giancarlos Troncoso
The University of Tokyo


We stopped accepting registrations.

Reports from previous seminars

You can see the photos and final products of previous events.

14th seminar (2015.  9.25-27)
13th seminar (2014.  9.27-28)
12th seminar (2013.  9.21-22)

Tentative Schedule

Date : 23-25th, September 2016
Place: Lecture Room No. 15, Engineering Bldg.#1, The University of Tokyo, Japan

9/23 (Fri) ※Mainly in English

for English speakers
(in front of Lecture room 14)
IntroductionEiji Hato(UT)
Lecture 1 The theory and estimation methods of behavior model
(60 minutes)
Arnab Jana(IIT Mumbai)/
Giancarlos Troncoso Parady(UT)
Break(10 minutes)
Lecture2 Advanced behavior model
(60 minutes)
Makoto Chikaraishi(Hiroshima Univ.)/
Hideki Yaginuma(Tokyo Univ. of Science)
*After the lectures, Getting together and drinking

9/24 (Sat) ※Mainly in Japanese in the morning

for Japanese speakers
9:30-12:00Lecture 講義
講義1 行動モデルの基礎と推定(50分)

講義2 ネットワーク上の行動モデル:理論と観測(75分)

12:00-13:00 Lunch 昼食
for All Participants
13:00-14:30Keynote Lecture                      Prof. Moshe Ben-Akiva (MIT)
14:30-14:50 Break
14:50-16:50Pre-exercise Presentation
17:00-18:30 Welcome party (A light food will be served)
18:30- Group exercises

9/25 (Sun)

for All Participants
8:30-12:00Group exercises
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-14:30Early Bird Session
Automated and Adaptive Activity-Travel Survey using Online Interaction with TravelersToru SEO (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Modelling of Tsunami evacuation behavior accounting for dynamics of heterogeneity in expected utilityJunji URATA (Kobe University)
Structural estimation for a route choice model with uncertain measurementYuki OYAMA (The University of Tokyo)
15:00-17:00Final Presentation
17:00-18:00Commendation ceremony
We're planning to have an after party!


We recommend the following accommodations. Other hotels also available near the Univ. Tokyo. Please make reservation by yourself.

Forest Hongo Hotel フォーレスト本郷 (A few minutes walk from the place)
Taieikan (Japanese‐style hotel ) 旅館 太栄館 (A few minutes walk from the place)
Homeikan (Japanese‐style hotel ) 鳳明館 (A few minutes walk from the place)
Kizankan Hotel ホテル機山館 (8 min. on foot)
Toyoko INN Hotel 東横INN後楽園文京区役所前 (11 min. on foot)


Campus Map

Hongo Campus, The University of Tokyo


About 10 minutes walk from Hongo-Sanchome ST.(Marunouchi Line) or Todaimae ST.(Nanboku Line).

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