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The 19th Summer course


We, BinN Studies Unit at The University of Tokyo, have been learning about behavior model, from basics to applications. During this summer (Sep. 2020), we are organizing a special seminar. This series of 4 days lectures and exercises will be an insight in Model Estimation. This annual event has been held since 2002 and this is the 19th time. People from all around Japan, including from Univ. Kyoto, Univ. Nagoya, Univ. Hiroshima and etc., will be meeting together. They major in Civil Engineering, Urban Planning ,and Architecture. Vigorous front-line researchers will be instructing you in methods of parameter estimation and probabilistic decision making model. Contents of this upcoming camp are as follows. Looking forward to seeing you in September.

1. Outstanding researchers will show you the case studies on demand estimations of location choice, route choice, and transportation mode choice used in the fields of: Civil planning, Urban planning, and Transportation planning.

2. You will learn the brand new methods of individual behavior survey like Probe Person, and think about how to apply it practically in real world such as: Redistribution of Road Usage, Tourism Planning, Renewal of City Central Area, and Marketing optimization.

3. You will have practices and presentations. Students will be divided into groups and do exercise in programming and modeling. After an extremely hard training, each group will make presentation showing how you have mastered BEHAVIOR MODEL.

4. Post-conference party will be held. Please feel free to join our party and enjoy conversations with other students and Teachers. It is interesting to share your ideas with those who have common interests. These conversations will enhance your intellectual curiosity.


Kazuyuki AIHARA [Keynote Lecture]The University of Tokyo
Arnab JanaIIT Bombay
Ryoji ISHII The Institute of Behavioral Sciences(IBS)
Toshiyuki YAMAMOTO Nagoya University
Kuniaki SASAKI Waseda University
Shinya KURAUCHI Ehime University
Takuya MARUYAMA Kumamoto University
Makoto CHIKARAISHI Hiroshima University
Eiji HATO The University of Tokyo
Daisuke FUKUDA The University of Tokyo
Hideki YAGINUMA Tokyo University of Science
Yuki OYAMA Shibaura Institute of Technology
Giancarlos Troncoso Parady The University of Tokyo
Muhammad Awais Shafique University of Central Punjab

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Date : 12-15th, September 2020
Place: Online

9/12 (Sat) ※Mainly in Japanese

8:30-Connection Test
8:50-9:00Introduction Hato Eiji(UT)
9:00-12:00Lecture Series 1(Lecture 25min +Discussion 5 min)
0900-0930 The Basic Theory of Behavior Model Kurauchi Shinya (Ehime Univ.)
0930-1000 The Estimation Way of Behavior Model Sasaki Kuniaki (Waseda Univ.)
1000-1030 (Provisional title)Latest Research on Behavioral Model Yamamoto Toshiyuki(Nagoya Univ.)
1030-1050 Break
1050-1120 Network Model and Behavior Model Maruyama Takuya(Kumamoto Univ.)
1120-1150 Developing the Model in Practice Ishii Ryoji(IBS)
12:00-13:00Lunch break
13:00-14:00Keynote Lecture Fundamentals and Applications of Mathematical Analysis of Complex Systems Aihara Kazuyuki(UT)
14:00-16:00Pre-exercise Presentation
16:00-18:00Welcome party Introduction of the Laboratory(Waseda Univ., Shibaura Institute of Technology, Ehime Univ., Tokyo Univ. of Science, UT, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Hiroshima Univ., Tohoku Univ., Nagoya Univ., IITB)

9/13 (Sun)

All dayEstimation(Group Work)

9/14 (Mon)※Mainly in English in the afternoon

AMEstimation(Group Work)
13:30-Connection Test
13:50-14:00Introduction Hato(UT)
14:00-17:30Lecture Series 2(Lecture 25min +Discussion 5 min)
1400-1430 Introduction of Behavior Modelling, Jana (IITB)
1430-1500 Statistical Test and Validation Practices in Discrete Choice Modeling, Gian (UT)
1500-1530 Machine Learning and Estimation, Yaginuma (TUS)
1530-1550 Break
1550-1620 Mechanism Design and Behavior Modelling, Chikaraishi (HU)
1620-1650 RL model and Advanced Behavior Modelling, Oyama (SIT)
1650-1720 Machine Learning in Travel Behavior Analysis, Shafique (UCP)

9/15 (Tue)

9:00-10:30Keynote Lecture
10:30-11:30Keynote Speech for the Second Behavioral Model Excellent Paper Award
Chairman of the Board of Examiners:Fukuda,Board of Examiners:Hato, Yamamoto, Sasaki, Iryo,Presenter:Undecided
1130-1300Lunch Break
13:00-16:00Final Presentation
16:30-17:30Davis(Kitamura)Prize/Kasumi(Ueda)Prize Announcement
17:30-19:30Farewell Party

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