Transportation and urban design studio E 2017

for the Graduate Course of Civil Engineering in 2017 Autumn Semester (A1)


Teaching Assistants

Place and Time

in Lecture Room No.13 of Engineering Bldg No.1, on Monday and Thursdays 13:00-14:45

Purpose and Contents of the Course

This course focuses on learning some of methodologies to analyze transportations and regions, which are sometimes vulnerable to natural hazards. In addition to it, getting used to the essence of the basic way of theoretical and mathematical thinking in planning is another main target. For fulfilling these purposes, we choose three topics: 1) Transportation modelling and statistics,, 2) Logistics management and analysis, 3) Urban studies and planning for Nepal.

Schedule of the Course

Topic 1: Transportation Modelling and statistics, by Dr. Hara, Dr Fukuyama and Prof. Hato

Topic 2: Logistics Management and Analysis, by Prof. Shibasaki and Prof. Hato

Topic 3: Urban Studies and Planning, by Prof Netra and Prof. Hato

Schedule of the Course

Assignments in each of the three topics (30 points @ 3), and attendance points for classes (10 points)

lecture materials and bibliography